Swiss Army Knife – Victorinox Huntsman Camo Review / Camouflage art.n.1.3713

Last Update 14-03-2021

The Victorinox Huntsman Camo Art. nr. 1.4713 is a standard 91mm 4 layer SAK from Victorinox, of course made in Switzerland like all Victorinox models.
It is the camping version of the Spartan, it is similar to the Tinker Deluxe, the difference is it has no pliers but a woodsaw and a corkscrew.

is is exaclty the same as the Filedmaster, only has a classic corkscrew and no Phillips Screwdriver and Woodland Camo Scales.

the included 16 tools are:

Large Blade
Small Blade
Can Opener
3mm small screwdriver (flat)
Bottle Opener (unbeatable for beer bottles!)
6mm screwdriver (flat)
Wire stripper
Awl / Reamer / Punch / thread hole multitool
+ Eyeglass Screwdriver insert (PAT.) usually flat (optional not included)
Multi Hook (great for shopping bags)
Tweeers (some of the best out there, I keep a spare one in the wallet)
Split Ring


Size 91mm long 20mm thick
100gr exact weight without lanyard (101gr with lanyard pictured)
ABS Cellidor scales, camo, embossed metal cross

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Here is the stock photo with all the tools available for the Huntsman Camo
I don’t like to stress the springs opening all tools at once


Blends wonderfully in nature, doesn’t it? 😀


The Huntsman sports the classic “Swiss Army Knife” design and classy look! the main difference is that it’s a 4 layer model with coloured scales.

The blade is the standard lengh with standard thickness for cellidor handled ones


Bottle opener – flat screwdriver – wire stripper

standard non locking size


Can Opener – small flathead screwdriver

standard non locking size


The BEST Scissors on the market! Period.
the position enables a good grip and gives out good control and torque.


Woodsaw! insane cutting ability and long lasting sharpness, it cuts in both ways too

standard 91mm non locking size


small blade, for finer or cleaner tasks


corkscrew, never stay…dry again!

the small extra eyeglass-size screwdriver is not included but can be bought as an optional, it sports (usually) an eyeglass like sized screwdriver.

Firesteel and tinder or oder options are available on the secondary custom market


the multi-hook is the strangest tool Victorinox offers, they call it the “multihook”, i’ve only used it to tie strings and to carry plastic bags, without cutting your fingers.


The punch/awl is a multitool that can be used to punch holes in leather, wood, plastic, cardboard, belts and to sew through them easily.


the lanyard/split-ring is the most fun tool offered, as it doubles as an embellishment option as a safety not to loose the knife, lanyards can be fun but are also useful not to loose your precious companion.


tick and tewwzers (best ever)

the tick is good for, well, many things

the tweezers are mostly used for splinters


this little hole in the scale is used to store (not included…unfortunately!!!) a useful “pin” or nail like pin


Comparison Shots!


Fireflies E07


Survive! Knives GSO 3.5

Manly Patriot

Action Shots!


Action Shots for all reviews will be added during time, not easy to test everything with coronavirus…check back soon!

Last Words and Conclusions:

What I like:

  • GREAT Price and quality
  • Swiss Made…since the beginning
  • Good Steel, stupid easy to sharpen and good enough for most people
  • arrives sharp and well sharpened

What I DON’T like:

  • missing pin and mini screwdriver as an accessory
  • nothing else in particular

Other considerations:

  • given the outdoor backing idea a sheath would be a nice option to have

the knife was bought with my own money, i was not paid for the review

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