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Hi!  I’m Max!

As an outdoorsman and sailor, i love both the sea and the mountains.
Naturally I am therefore interested in Knives, Flashlights, EDC and Camping Gear, Backpacks, Pens, Watches, all items that help me along my journeys.
These passions combined fill my desire to learn more, confront materials and finishes, try out setups for EDC and more.

I therefore decided to launch this blog to share my opinions, thoughts and experience not only to friends and forumites-group members but also with anyone wanting to know more or interested in the same themes.

There are literally tons of review websites, youtube channels and forums to gather tech specs, graphs and raw statistics.

I am in no way a technical guru, I am a user and my experience comes from tests, comparisons and pondering through real life first hand experience.
What you read here comes from my personal experience and personal opinion.

I hope you like the site and enjoy your time here, I’m always open to suggestions and more.

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