HOPLET US H185 Zoom Flashlight Review

Last Update 11-03-2021

The Hoplet US-H185 is a cheap zoom flashlight, ideal for work or as a lending flashlight, as it’s really easy to use, no complicated UI or difficulties.

It runs on 18650 lion rechargeable batteries and comes with a 4 LED battery indicator, the battery can be recharged via micro usb with a hidden port, that can be revealed twisting the zoom by 90 degrees.

The flashlight is pretty large, larger than the other average 18650 powered ones, this is due to the possibility to zoom the beam from a large flood to a very concentrated (square) spot, that is pretty round when non totally zoomed.

There are 3 power levels (High non PWM, medium and low with PWM) that are not very distant between them (maybe 100-50-30%), the second button is for strobe and SOS.

It is powered by a P60 LED with a tint of 6500-7000k, there is some purple in it but it’s ok for the intended use, it’s a good lender, easy leftover power spotting and large enough not to get lost. The CRI is not the best obviously but won’t matter those not caring about tints.

It also does not get hot on high, which seems around 1000lm so it can be used comfortably for long periods.

To complete it there is a glass Dome lens and a glowing (weak) Oring.

It comes in a very simple cardboard box with the specs on it.


The light comes as a complete package:

Light, 18650 battery (3500mah, mine came off the charger at 2500mah), lanyard, orings, micro usb to usb A cable and a manual.


The dome lens is made of glass and has a (low) glowing oring to keep the light sealed.


there are 4 blue leds to indicate the battery level and a hidden USB port


Size Comparison:

Hoplet US-H185 Zoom Flashlight, 18650 battery, Lumintop FW4A, Victorinox Fieldmaster


The included 3500mah battery charges only to 2500mah on my charger in grading mode.

Still ok for the price.


Here are some Beamshots that show the zoom in 3 positions
Fully screwed down
Half turn
Total unscrewed position


Action Shots!

Action Shots for all reviews will be added during time, not easy to test everything with coronavirus…check back soon!

Last Words and Conclusions:

The Hoplet US-H185 can be bought on amazon for 19€ (more or less with discount buttons)

What I like:

  • Cheap
  • Zoom is good for some uses
  • Easy to operate

What I DON’T like:

  • tint is cool
  • it’s pretty large
  • 3500mah battery only seems 2500mah off my charger

Other considerations:

  • hope a warm led options will be available with USB C charging

the light was bought with my own money, i was not paid for the review

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