Lumintop HL3A Flashlight Review – SST20 4000k Neutral White

Last Update 20-03-2021

Lumintop HL3a Flashlight / Headlight / Angle-light Review, this one shares the specs from the FW line from the BLF member series, only, it’s an angle light, with headband, magnet and a top e-switch.

It is available various led options but only black in colour.

I chose the SST20 4000k NW FA3 95CRI as I’m in love with the creamy tint and very high CRI (Color Rendention Index), colors truly pop up and everything shines in a natural way.

Emitter: SST20 4000k FA3 95CRI, Neutral White
Optic: Standard TIR optical lens (unspecified model)
Flux: around 2000lm for the SST20 / Nichia 219C
Intensity: ~10 000cd ANSI throw ~200 m (XP-L Hi)
Firmware: Andúril 1
User interfaces: [1] Defaulted SMOOTH RAMPING. Instant access to TURBO mode is also provided. [2] STEPPED RAMPING UI. [3] MOMENTARY mode. [4] MUGGLE mode. [5] Electronic LOCKOUT.
Other functions: Battery check, sunset, beacon, tactical strobe, party strobe, bike flasher, candlelight, lightning storm
Battery: One 18650 cell. An unprotected cell is recommended. Max. length 66mm. (lumintop offers 35E as an optional, see pics)
Driver: FET+7+1 driver. Low parasitic drain while OFF
Body: Aluminum with hard-coat anodizing
Switch: Electronic switch on top
Ingress rating: Equivalent to IPX8
Weight: I have measured 55gr without cell, 102gr with a Sanyo 18650GA
Size: 33.8 mm Ø head x 81 mm length x 23.5mm tail
Others: sweat block and reflecting headband,
Magnetic tail cap, stainless steel body clip

The UI is the awesome Anduril customizable and multi function UI designed by Toy Keeper, you can set low, high, ramping, or stepped modes.
There are also lockout modes with moon-low, candle and lightning storms accessory modes.
You can even set the temperature limits or know how much juice (volts) is left in your battery.

Other functions are:
Direct moonlight (long press from off)
Moonlight in locked mode (2 levels)
Memory mode (auto-manual)
Muggle mode
Electronic Lockout
Battcheck – Temp Check
Candle mode
Lightning Storm
Party strobe with various levels
Tactical strobe
Bike strobe
Stepped or Ramping mode (can be configured)

It runs on 18650 Li-Ion rechargeables, very easy to find and cheap to operate, I use Sanyo 18650GA’s they are 3.350mah and 10A, the quality is solid and they work well in any climate. offers a Samsung 35E as an additional option, the Sanyo is better for me, not only being often cheaper but it seems holds some more mAh capacity and is 10A vs 8A, although I don’t visually see much difference in output.

The Threads are smooth as is the anodization, for the price it’s a wonderful light, just don’t exagerate with TURBO as it obviously gets VERY hot. If used at home/work it dissipates less than outside, driving the boat at night it was only very warm but not impossible to hold.

The switch needed a few presses to operate correctly, it was probably in need of a break-in, now it’s flawless.

I have currently 2 HL3A’s one is my headlamp of choice, it’s light and powerful enough, runtime is pretty good (only 3 leds mean less power but more runtime).
The other one is my backup-survival kit light, sits with 3 spares in a small side pocket, it’s so small and light that I had to choose it, it’s the best as a backup, lender, spare, headlight…

I really suggest buying it from the store.

some specs from


The Lumintop HL3A comes in a simple cardboard box.


The Hl3A comes with the following accessories:

Steel Clip
2 spare orings
Manual (complete and funny)
Reflecting Orange! Headband

Samsung 35E 3450mah 8A battery (featured below)
Glow Gasket
Spare glass lens
Bezel removal tool (featured below)

I love the simple design, it is very similar to the Fireflies PL47G2, which I assume came first.
The body has a nice square diamond knurling.


The bottom still has the Bunny logo, it can tailstand as the bottom is flush and is fitted with a strong magnet.
A serial number is printed below the logo.
There is no tailcap, the tube is one piece.

3x SST20 4000k NW FA3 95CRI fit behind a lens (glass or plastic, I’ve read it’s plastic but seems glass) and a Carclo TIR optic (slightly frosted) I’m unsure about the model though.


The light is operated by a steel e-switch, mine needed like 10 presses to burn in, it never got any click wrong, on both of mine it works well.


The headband in the box is a nice orange high visibility color and even has reflective stripes, it’s also, the most comfortable I have tried for now, very solid, comfortable and adjustable, well done Lumintop!.


The HL3A fits the “large” glow diffuser from LM well even if not stated.

It’s barely larger than the Samsung 35E 18650 that powers it.

I got mine from NKON but Lumintop offers it for like 8$ more as a bundle, it’s good to have spares.

My main HL3A is powered by Sanyo’s 18650GA which in my experience are a little better, the capacity is higher even if not stated and they’re 10A vs 8A.

Size Comparison:
Lumintop HL3A
Victorinox 85mm EvoGrip18
Samsung 18650 35E 65mm
Chris Reeve Knives Small Sebenza 21

Lumintop offers a bezel removal tool, I got one to change the lens in case it breaks.


Here is the light with the bezel, lens, optics off.

The LED board is the same of the Fw3A.


Lens (unsure if plastic as I was told or upgraded to glass) and  “slightly frosted” Carclo TIR optics.

Action Shots!


highest ramp mode (2 clicks from off)


Action Shots for all reviews will be added during time, not easy to test everything with coronavirus…check back soon!

Last Words and Conclusions:

The HL3A was bought from Lumintop Lighting directly
Price is around 54,95$ / 62,95$ with 35E battery
There are discount codes, I’ll add them later!

What I like:

  • GREAT Price and quality
  • great anodizing and grip
  • runs on 18650 rechargeables
  • powerful
  • 2000lm turbo
  • rich Anduril UI

What I DON’T like:

  • gets hot pretty quick on Turbo, on High mode it’s OK
  • clip is cheap, very thin steel

Other considerations:

  • steps down to approx 500lm quickly

the light was bought with my own money, i was not paid for the review

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