Fireflies PL47G2 Flashlight Review – SST20 4000k Neutral White

Last Update 18-04-2021

Fireflies PL47G2 Flashlight Review, this is the 2nd Gen of Fireflies/FireflyLite’s Headlight-angle light.

It is available with a wide range of LED options, I chose the SST20 4000k NW FA3 95CRI as I’m in love with the creamy tint and very high CRI (Color Rendention Index), colors truly pop up and everything shines in a natural way.

LED options:

  • 4x Nichia 219B SW45K 4500K R9080 CRI95 Max 2500lumens
  • 4x SST20 4000K FA3 NW  Max 2800lumens CRI95
  • 4x SST20 L5 6500K CW CRI66 Max 4200lumens
  • 4x CREE XPL HI V3 CW 6500K Max 4500lumens
  • 4x CREE XPL HI V3 NW 5000K Max 4500lumens

Official Specs:

  • Made of 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Body color:  Black color – Clear Coated Aluminium
  • HAIII Anodising Surface Finish
  • 1x 21700 Liion Battery / 18650  with the adapter (included)
  • 10 degree angle TIR lens (unsure about mine)
  •  98% AR coating glass lens
  • Digital current regulation on lower brightness
  • IPX8 waterproof , underwater 2 meters
  • with Aux leds –Ice blue ; with switch leds Ice blue    (7-click to control aux leds)
  • Size: 88mm x 28mmx24mm body
  • Weight: 78gram
  • With Magnetic Tail

Accessories: SS Pocket Clip ; standby O rings ;  18650 to 21700 adapter; cardboard box

The UI is the awesome Anduril (Source code is available from customizable and multi function UI designed by Toy Keeper, you can set low, high, ramping, or stepped modes.
There are also lockout modes with moon-low, candle and lightning storms accessory modes.
You can even set the temperature limits or know how much juice (volts) is left in your battery.

Other functions are:
Direct moonlight (long press from off)
Moonlight in locked mode (2 levels)
Memory mode (auto-manual)
Muggle mode
Electronic Lockout
Battcheck – Temp Check
Candle mode
Lightning Storm
Party strobe with various levels
Tactical strobe
Bike strobe
Stepped or Ramping mode (can be configured)

The light uses primarily 21700 (unprotected only) Li-Ion Batteries but is reverse compatible with both protected and unprotected 18650 Li-Ion batteries with the included adapter.

For unprotected cells use the included brass button, for protected cells use the plastic adapter only, the dual springs will make sure the electrical contact is optimal.

The PL47G2 uses a TIR (total internal reflection) optic, I’m not sure what model-brand and what angle, at the time I got mine it was not specified, underneath the optic you find the AUX Leds, in the standard version in Aqua Blue, these make a fun addition and allow you to find the light in the dark.

The button and aux leds can be dimmed or made flash, when the light is on only 2 switch buttons are on, when off, all 4 leds are on.

Included with the light you find a headband that can be fitted on your head, it’s not the best one I have used, I’ll add pictures later.

More info will be added as long as it gets used.

Now, some pictures.

The clear anodized one is my favorite of the 2 I own.


The clear anodizing is really shiny!


To operate the light you find a top e-switch backlit by 4 blue leds.


The Fireflies PL47G2 is also available in  black HAIII matte anodizing.


Clear anodizing VS Black anodizing.


The Optiocs can easily be taken out to change and to substitute the glass, in my clear sample I managed to break the glass on the 2nd day, but luckily I found a spare one on Hank’s Website, with dual AR coating too.

This lens is a bit thicker and works much better.

SST20 4000k FA3 CRI95 LEDS and Aqua Blue AUX LEDS on the quad board.

18650 to 21700 adapter


PL47G2 / eFest 5000mah 21700 Battery / CRK Umnumzaan


Anduril 1 instructions from Hank’s website

Action Shots!

Last Saturday we went on a hike on an island, there are a few old military buildings and old abandoned military warehouses built by the french around 1800. Pictures were taken in one of them.


AUX Lights! blinkies, yeah!


Action Shots for all reviews will be added during time, not easy to test everything with coronavirus…check back soon!

Last Words and Conclusions:

The PL47G2 was bought from Fireflies directly
Price was 42$

What I like:

  • Good Price and quality
  • good material and great finish
  • the clear anodized one is really nice
  • runs on 18650 and 21700 rechargeables
  • powerful
  • 2800lm turbo
  • rich Anduril UI

What I DON’T like:

  • no top of regulated or top ramp blink
  • aux color is single only
  • the headband is wobbly
  • orings get easily cut

Other considerations:

  • no diffuser included, would be a nice addition
  • a better headband would be a good upgrade

the light was bought with my own money, i was not paid for the review

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Check back soon for more!