Victorinox Evo Grip 18 Review

art. n.2.4913.C8

Last Update 28-04-2021

The Victorinox Evolution Grip art. n.2.4913.C8  is a 85mm 4 layer SAK from Victorinox, of course made in Switzerland like all Victorinox models, but, the Wenger derived line is still made in the Delémont factory.

It is the exact same model as the Wenger Evo Grip 18 only with some modifications from Victorinox, it comes with the standard can opener and awl, the logo has changed too.

It is a smaller version of the 85mm with two material grippy and contoured handles, very comfortable in the pocket.

The handles can be ordered in yellow-black and red-black with both locking blade or slipjoint mechanism.

the included 15 tools are:

Wenger derived blade (both locking or non locking available)
Nail cleaner-file
Can Opener
with 3mm small screwdriver (flat)
LOCKING Bottle Opener (unbeatable for beer bottles!)
with 6mm screwdriver (flat)
Wire stripper
Awl / Reamer / Punch / thread hole multitool
Phillips 1-2 Screwdriver
Serrated Wenger Scissors
Tweeers (some of the best out there, I keep a spare one in the wallet)
Split Ring


Size 85mm long 23mm thick
94gr weight without lanyard
Tw component scales, ABS Cellidor e rubber grip

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Here is the stock photo with all the tools available for the Evo Grip 18 I don’t like to stress the springs opening all tools at once.


contoured and grippy YELLOW scales

4 layers design, still nice in the pocket

I keep it in the left hand pocket, no problem!

the blade design is from the 85mm Wenger, I prefer the belly and tip better than the Vic counterpart.


Bottle opener – flat screwdriver – wire stripper

pressure locks it in place

best beer bottle opener ever 😉


Can Opener – small flathead screwdriver


The scissors are serrated, they also come from Wenger, they cut through everything with easy, cuts are very clean and precise, the spring does not move like in the vic.


wood saw, works very well and keeps cutting well for a long time, I still have to dull one..

Cuts in both ways.

Nail file and cleaner.

One interesting use I found is as a staple remover in the office.

The punch/awl is a multitool that can be used to punch holes in leather, wood, plastic, cardboard, belts and to sew through them easily.

Phillips “1-2” cross head screwdriver, fits almost all sizes, the BEST you can find, the position makes it hand out a lot of torque.

tick and tweezers (best ever)
the tick is good for, well, many things
the tweezers are mostly used for splinters

split ring for the lanyard, fun and safety

Size Comparison

CRK Umnumzaan

Noctigon Kr1 Thrower W2

Size Comparison

Wurkkos DL40

Noctigon Kr1 W2

CRK umnumzaan


Action Shots!


Action Shots for all reviews will be added during time, not easy to test everything with coronavirus…check back soon!

Last Words and Conclusions:

Price: the Evo Grip 18 is about 50€ on Amazon

What I like:

  • GREAT Price and quality
  • Swiss Made…since the beginning
  • Good Steel, stupid easy to sharpen and good enough for most people
  • arrives sharp and well sharpened

What I DON’T like:

  • nothing else in particular
  • lacks the small pin, used in too few models

Other considerations:

  • given the outdoor backing idea a sheath would be a nice option to have
  • I’d love a 91mm version

the knife was bought with my own money, i was not paid for the review

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