XTAR R30 1200 21700 powered flashlight. easy to use, well built, with powerbank funcion and USB-C charging.

14er Tactical Backpack & IFAK Pouch, a great couple for EDC, work, daily hikes and more, good capacity, great design and quality, check it out!

Sofirn SF47T Thrower flashlight powered by 2×21700 batteries and an Osram 25W LED, long range capable light

Sofirn SF47T Thrower flashlight powered by 2×21700 batteries and an Osram 25W LED, long range capable light

Fenix HM65R-T Flashlight Review – this headlight from fenix is made of magnesium a lighter alloy than aluminium, making the light a lightweight companion for trailruns or outdoor activities, powered by a spot and a flood led…

Wurkkos DL40 Flashlight Review, a monster quad Samsung LD351D 5000K neutral white capable of 5000 lumens for over 3hrs, powered by 2×26650 batteries, with action shots…

Fireflies PL47G2 Flashlight Review, this is the 2nd Gen of Fireflies/FireflyLite’s Headlight-angle light.
Available with a wide range of LEDS, anodizing, optics..

Emisar D4V2CuZn Flashlight, this is Brass version of the popular D4V2 or D4V2Ti, a heavy piece able to dissipate heat well.

Wurkkos FC11 Flashlight Review, this one is one of the latest flashlights from Wurkkos.
It is a single LED powered light suited for EDC or other uses that don’t require outrageous amounts of lumens…

Lumintop HL3a Flashlight / Headlight / Anglelight Review, a very small and light but powerful light, SST20 NW 4000K…

Wurkkos DL30 Flashlight Review, the main idea behind it is that it’s meant to be a diving flashlight or at least one used in water and around water.It mounts 3x Samsung LD351D 5000K neutral white LEDs with 90CRI powered by a 21700…

Lumintop FW4A Flashlight Review, this Lumintop is part of the FW from the BLF members Series, it shares the specs of the FW3A, only, it has four! LEDs to gain some more lumens, a larger floody beam an some more distance.

The Hoplet US-H185 is a cheap zoom flashlight, ideal for work or as a lending flashlight, as it’s really easy to use, no complicated UI or difficulties.

Lumintop LM10 Flashlight Review, this is Lumintop 10th anniversary celebrating light, they chose a special futuristic design and a Titanium alloy for it, available in various finishes and led options.