Wurkkos DL40 Diving Flashlight Review – 26650 – LH351D 5000K 90CRI Neutral White

Last Update 14-05-2021

Wurkkos DL40 Diving Flashlight Review, this one is a large model from Wurkkos’s diving lights range, it’s means to be used under water or around water.

It mounts 4x Samsung LH351D 5000K neutral white LEDs with a CRI (Color Redention Index) of 90, so it should show colors well.
The LEDS are coupled with a specific driver powered 2×26650 4.2v LiIon rechargeable batteries, button tops with 2 adapters for 18650’s (some flat tops work).

There are no special features apart from thermal regulation and LVP, mine didn’t step down quickly, the 5.000 lumens are held for a good time, the light becomes hot though.
I’ve read it should step down when hot and should flick to indicate LV but the batteries are so huge and the mass so high I haven’t “seen” these features live.

There are 4 power levels 300(28hrs)-800(9hrs)-2000(4hrs)-5000(3.5hrs), that assure you to stay out of the darkness for a pretty long time, thanks to the large battery capacity of the 2x 5000mah cells

The switch is electronic, with a rather mushy feeling (why not magnetic? huh?) and is used to change mode (quick press) or to shut down the light (long press), it’s as said a bit mushy and has a long travel, the size is a little small, I’m unsure about the use with gloves or the tactile feeling.

I’d suggest Wurkkos to change it or use a different button, like the magnetic ring on the DL30 or an electronic rubberized switch like on the FC11.

There is unfortunately no lockout safety, unless screwing the tailcap a few degrees.

Last, to keep the water out there are 2+2 orings to seal the body from water and the walls are thick enough to withstand abuse and use.

Apart from this little critique it’s a wonderful chunk of flashlight, wide battery choice, powerful, massive so, with good heat dissipation.

I’m not a diver but I regularly am out at night on the boat, hiking, camping and this is a good choice, solid and reliable.

Keep in mind the 300lm “low” might be high in many cases, night vision is not preserved so well.

The light comes in a quality complete kit including a good charger, already used it as a travel charger and it worked well, batteries have a great capacity, really happy about it!.

The box comes with a rarely seen complete kit:

– Wurkkos DL40 Diving Flashlight
– Wurkkos labelled 2x 5.000mah (4800 real cap.) 26650 lion batteries, button top (unprotected I assume) with a
(4.477mah measured on the first cycle charge)
– cardboard battery protection (remove before use)
– 2 spare orings
– a generous rubber padded lanyard ring not to loose the light underwater (no GITD attachment, if you loose the light while off, it’s gone)
– a 2x charger with micro usb to usb A cable
– and 2x white plastic 26650/18650 adapters, no copper extention is needed as the light has 2 springs
– instruction manual


Emitter: 4* Samsung LH351D 5.000k 90 cri LEDs
Reflector: Smooth
Operating voltage: 5.6-8.4V
Battery options: 2* 26650(18650) Li-Ion battery
Dimension: 61(head)*201.1(length)mm
Weight: 556gr with included cells, 372gr without cells
Flashlight body: Aerospace grade 6061 grade aluminum alloy, CNC manufactured to hard-anodized to military grade specification type III, anti-abrasive finish to get solid built body, anti-crash better heat exchange. Toughened mineral glass lens
Water resistance : IPX-8
Mode Memory: memorizes the last brightness level used in the general modes
Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology: ATR will adjust the brightness level automatically down when the driver temperature reaches 50℃ to prevent overheating


The Wurkkos DL40 arrives in a simple printed HUGE cardboard box.

A rarely seen complete kit with all you need to be ready for adventures, both under and above water.


18650 to 26650 adapter
some 18650’s don’t make contact to each other and might not work
30Q work, 35E work, 18650GA’s and 18650BD’s don’t work on mine, some might though.

2 bay’s 2x1A charger with micro usb port, no adapter is included.

I have no means to test the charger but did some use over the weekend and it charges fine.


Power! chunks.

No idea on the brand of the manufacturer but they seem good, actual capacity is similar and they discharge almost the same.

The actual capacity (below) in the first test charge is pretty satisfying, almost 4800mah, not far from the advertised 5.000mah.


The DL40

the battery goes with the positive “+” towards the LEDs


4x Samsung LH351D 5000K neutral white LEDs with a CRI (Color Redention Index) of 90


small huh?

although it’s a diving flashlight, the design it without any knurling on the surface


magnetic-electronic switch

the part is love the least on this flashlight, it’s a bit wobbly and the travel is pretty long, an electronic switch or, better, a magnetic ring (DL30?) would have been much better, also to toggle between the 4 modes


there are 4 orings on the light to ensure water doesn’t get in, it’s rated 100mt underwater, not bad!

Comparison Shots:

Chris Reeve Knives OP Umnumzaan
Emisar D4V2TI


Chris Reeve Knives OP Umnumzaan
Emisar D4V2TI
Victorinox EvoGrip18
Noctigon KR1 W2 (review coming soon)

Action Shots!

dipped in sand…


…then rinsed in salty seawater

the turbo mode is very powerful, mind it was 3pm at the beach!


some sand particles get stuck and have to be manually removed

we went for a walk on a “haunted island”, haunted by hundreds of dead bodies that lie buried after dying in quarantine during the plague period in the past centuries, while in the 1800/1900 it hosted a mental hospital.


we found the access to the belltower! but didn’t trust to go up so, VERTICAL SHOT!

Wurkkos DL40 TURBO 5.000 Lumens


Noctigon Kr1 Osram W2 Turbo 1300Lumens

Wurkkos DL40 TURBO 5.000 Lumens

Noctigon Kr1 Osram W2 Turbo 1300Lumens

check this out, insane hahaha


…and the last picture, THANSK FOR READING!

…not sure but this should have been a crematorium or something similar…

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Last Words and Conclusions:

The DL40 was kindly sent from Wurrkos, the review is honest with positive and negative experience with the light. I was not paid for the review.

What I like:

  • GREAT Price and quality
  • runs on HUGE 26650’s but can run on 18650’s too
  • powerful
  • hefty
  • thick alu

What I DON’T like:

  • the switch is wobbly and mushy, a magnetic ring would have been better
  • no knurling so grip might not always be the best
  • no 4000k option (yet)

Other considerations:

  • compatibility with 18650’s is not guaranteed if not button top
  • a sheath would be good, it’s not really a pocket friendly light


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