XTAR R30 1200 Flashlight Review – 21700 CREE XPL-W2

Last Update 24-10-2021

XTAR R30 1200 Flashlight Review – 21700 XPL-W2

XTAR upgraded the R30 to the R30 1200, which, translates in 1200 lumens on turbo, a good compromise between runtime, power and heat.

The XTAR R30 is a 21700 powered light, size wise it is a bit longer than other lights using the same size of battery it still remains easy to carry.

The chosen led is a CREE CREE XP-L HD W2 the tint is cool white, probably 6.500k.

There are tint shifts in the beam ranging from bluish to greenish, and CRI is not high, probably around 60-70.

I would have preferred a neutral 4.000/5.000k tint or a better CRI led given the “sport flashlight” on the box.

It is powered by a branded XTAR 21700 protected-button top LI-ION battery with a stated capacity of 4.900mah.

Unfortunately I cannot test the real capacity as my XTAR VC4S is not compatible with protected 21700’s.

Regular flat-tops work fine if you were wondering.

There are 4 “main” levels, along with a strobe, low-med-high-turbo.

To activate the flashlight tighten the buttcap (serves as mechanical lockout) and press the power switch, to toggle modes simply click to increase power. There is no direct turbo or low access as there is neither a real moonlight mode.

To turn it off simply hold the switch for 2 seconds.

Strobe is activated with 2 consecutive clicks.

NOTE: the power switch glows green the whole time the light is on, it is off only when the light is also off, with low battery it glows red or blinks red (critically low level)

There is (unfortunately) NO lockout from the switch, to avoid accidental turn ons, unscrew the buttcap half turn.

There is also NO mode memory, even if, in the manual it says there is mode memory, this is really a pity.

Last interesting fact, the flashlight can also double as a portable powerbank using a USB C/C cable.


– powered by 1 protected or flat top 21700
– compatible with 18650 with an adapted (not provided)
– Low Voltage protection and low battery warning (flashes)
– Flashlight body: Aerospace grade 6061 grade aluminum alloy, CNC manufactured to hard-anodized to military grade specification type III
– Toughened mineral glass lens
– Mode Memory: not present (although stated)

XTAR R30 1200 flashlight


the green switch LED is very bright and stays on the whole time.


CREE XPL-W2 (on the box it is wrongly written XPL2-W2)

The tint is a bluish 6.500k to my eyes, very visible.


Opposite side to the power switch is the power-port

USB-C standard.


The recharge port is USB-C and works with USB 3.0 (blue) standard. With max 2.0A charging current.

It works 2-way as the flashlight can both charge and discharge, which means, is can charge eg. your phone with the right cable).

The provided USB A/C cable is power only, it does not work for data transfers.

The port-cover is a little bit filmsy, it is very easy to uncover the port or loose the rubber cap, which, is very easy to remove eg. snatching somewhere.

I love the tailstanding ability of flashlights, even on uneven ground.


Tailcap removed


Threads are VERY smooth and square cut, it tkes 5.5 turns to unscrew the tailcap or 1/2 turn for mechanical lockout.

the XTAR R30 1200 come apart in 3 individual pieces, the tube is not reversible.

21700 LI-ION battery with a declared capacity of 4.900mah, button top with PCT protection circuit built in.


In hand shots.

Comparison Shots:

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Action Shots!

Abandoned ammunition storage from WWII on an island, the graffitis glow after shining at them.

Lights OFF.


shots are on TURBO


Last Words and Conclusions:

The XTAR R30 1200 was kindly sent by XTAR to review, the review is honest with positive and negative experience with the light. I was not paid for the review.

What I like:

  • solid construction
  • easy to use (click, hold, realese. Keep pressed for off)
  • 4 levels are fine for 99% users)
  • USB-C charging at 2A
  • Powerbank funcion
  • hefty

What I DON’T like:

  • size is larger than other lights
  • no memory
  • port cover might reduce water proofness
  • battery is not compatible with most chargers (that don’t accept protected 21700’s
  • beam is pretty narrow
  • bluish tint

Other considerations:

  • compatible with flat top 21700’s
  • a sheath would be good as there is no clip
  • it’s a tight spot thrower


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