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14er Tactical Backpack & IFAK pouch review

Mike from 14er Tactical was so kind to send a sample of their new Backpack and IFAK pouch to test and review. I have been EDC’ing it for the last 4+ months to see how it holds up, a different approach from my usual reviews which I publish a few days after I get a new item.

My apologies if it took even longer than thought, the last summer months have been really full and the website remained still.

The Backpack is a 600D polyester made 35 litre all-rounder, it’s exceptional in daily city carry, as a work-laptop bag, for short trip and for any kind of adventure.

It is loaded with many interesting features like a large number of pockets, hook & loop back pocket for CCW carry, lined sunglasses pocket, water bottle pocket, a water bladder-laptop padded pocket and  sternium-hip straps. All these features together will make this pack your ultimative companion.

The 35 litre size might seems small for some uses but in reality it is fair enough for all your EDC work gear, short trips or daily hikes.

When I first got it I awaited the width to be greater, the profile is rather slim, but, after a few days of use I got to appreciate its capacity.

The slim profile is helped by the fact that it is fairly high so you stack things vertically rather than horizontally, keeping things in order with help of the compression straps.

I have to mention the zippers, made by YKK so they’re reliable, self healing, non sticking and very quiet.

They are pulled with paracord pulls held tight by some shrink rubber (smart choice)

Specs from the manufacturer:

  • Materials: 600D Puncture & Water Resistant Polyester. Ballistic Nylon Straps. YKK Zippers.
  • Dimensions: 19”H x 12”W x 9”D
  • Volume: 35L
  • Weight: 3.0 lbs (1.36 kg)
  • Package Includes: Tactical Backpack, Logo Patch, USA Flag Patch

I also got their IFAK (Individual first Aid Kit) from 14er tactical.

The Ifak consists in a velcro backed pouch and a mounting base with MOLLE attachements.

The design is tear-away when the two parts go together or pouch only when hooked to the velcro front on the backpack.

Internally the structure is completely covered in bungee straps that can host a variety of medical supplies to cover most needs.

Last interesting fact, the mounting base has an elastic strap on the buckle, to transform it in a quick tourniquet.

The pouch is provided with a 14er tactical patch a red cross patch and YKK zippers like the backpack.


  • Materials: 1000D Puncture & Water Resistant Polyester. Ballistic Nylon Straps. YKK Zippers.
  • Dimensions: 4.5”H x 7.5”W x 2.5”D
  • Weight: 6.4 oz (180 g)
  • Package Includes: IFAK Pouch, Mounting Base, 2x Snap Straps, Red Pull Handle Indicator, Logo Patch, Medic Patch

I’ll now let the pictures talk, remember the pack has been used daily for the lasts months, so it’s not shiny as new, the review is intended to look show the gear that way, real use instead of table top pictures.

I’ll add more variable pictures showing what it can contain as I keep using it.


14er tactical backpack and IFAK on hiking duty.


On the top a large patch area with velcro can host various patches depending on the destination of the backpack.

I’ve currently attached the 14er tactical patch.

The profile is slim and the backpack stays up easily, it does not get floppy nor it falls down.


This is how the backpack looks alone without the IFAK pouch.

(note: the MOLLE straps that hold the waist straps are included in the IFAK kit and are not included with the backpack)

Here is the IFAK detached from the  backpack.

The mounting base is not pictured as it does not attach to the backpack but is intended to be used to carry the IFAK standing alone.


The IFAK is completely covered in velcro on it’s back to ensure it attaches safely to the mounting base, backpack or else.

The logo is hidden on the back.


With the IFAK you get a red medical cross patch to signal the presence of a medikit.

The other red velcro strap is probably intended for visibility.


The IFAK is slim but capable to hold most medical gear needed for small hikes, work or EDC.

I have directly used it for it’s intended use, it looks capable also as an EDC pocket organizer thanks to the numerous elastic straps.

I’ve put my personal medikit together based on my needs and experience.


Detail of the velcro backing that attaches to the backpacks’s front.

Top and Bug-Out handles.


The bottom has 4 loops to attach a tent, sleeping bag or others via MOLLE or straps.


I have used the 2 MOLLE straps from the IFAK to hold the belt strap when not in use, the MOLLE loops come in handy

I’ve used the backpack extensively so some of the button’s paint came off.


There is a water bottle pocket on the side, it easily accommodates a 1-litre bottle.

the top of the pocket is elastic to a firm hold is ensured, I’ve never had problems even with 1-way 500ml bottles falling off.


Sideways there also is a padded, velcro backed CCW pocket  that can easily accommodate a 13 inch Mac Book Air M1 with sleeve, or other gear.

The velcro comes in handy for CCW firearms, I d0n’t have any to test the feature.

The dual zippers enable top or bottom opening.


On the top below the handle there is a small opening for camelback or water bladder tubes, no need to keep zippers open.

I’ve used the backpack in heavy rain and no water came in so the gear inside is safe.


This little loop inside keep the camelback/water bladder up and in place.


One of my fav features of this backpack is the lined sunglasses pocket, the inside is made of a soft non scratching material similar to fleece.


The front pocket can store items such a smartphone, powerbank, keyes etc.

all zippers are YKK silent zippers, made of plastic and with self repairing capabilities, noise reductions is also conceived with paracord pulls.

All pulls have shrink rubber tubing to keep them low profile and not to risk hooking.


There is a large side pocket with 2 compartments and a key-loop

I keep a flashlight and pens ready there.


This time the backpack was used as a day-hike pack, inside there were:

Survival Kit/Hiking Gear (in the green bag), a spare wind jacket and food (not pictured, was hungry lol) 2 water bottles, one outside, one inside as long as some other gear (sunglasses, flashlights to review, knife, keys..) in the various pockets.

Empty view.



Laptop-water bladder pocket.

Totally padded so the computer is safe.

Fits a 13″ Mac Book Air M1 with sleeve perfectly. Other thicker or larger laptops might not fit.


3 pen pockets.

The huntsman is a little thick, slimmer 91mm SAKs might fit better.

suggestion: don’t overload the inside mesh pockets, too much weight might tear the thin fabric 🙁


Waist strap detail.


Sternium strap detail.


The elastic strap allows the backpack to follow your movements better


Action Shots!


Last Words and Conclusions:

I Have used a lot of tactical looking backpacks in the past, this one is really the most comfortable and one of the most versatile ones I’ve used.

What I like:

  • Good capacity
  • Good overall quality
  • fit and finish is of high quality
  • easy to wash and dries fast
  • lots of pockets and useful features

What I DON’T like:

  • mesh pocket fabric broke under little stress

Other considerations:

  • I’d like to see a little larger brother, maybe 40-45lt
  • Some more depth would be useful to pack larger items


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