Fenix HM65R-T Flashlight Review – 18650 – Dual Led Headlight for trailrunning

Last Update 25-05-2021

Fenix HM65R-T Flashlight Review – I just got this latest Fenix Headlight with trailrunners in mind, let’s check it out:

First, it mounts 2 LEDs: one Luminus sst40 cool white at 6500k and one Cree XP-G2 S3 neutral white, which to me, seems around 4000k (although yellower and less natural than a sst20 4000k FA3 CRI95 (natual one I’m used to mostly).

The sst40 has a purplish tint, illuminates well but color rendering is not available, colors are dull, the good side is the spot is large and useful with a good throw.

The neutral emitter on the other side has an awesome floody beam, no spot, just plain flood thanks to the frosted optic and no reflector, the tint is slightly on the yellow-green side of neutral but color rendering is good (to my eyes around 85-90cri). Should perform well outside more than it does inside.

The UI is simple, 2 buttons, one for each LED:
– the CW emits 130-400-1300 (declared) lumens with a low that promises 24hrs runtime for long trailruns without the need of spares
– the NW emits 5-70-400 lumens for broader illumination.

One click on any of the 2 buttons switches the 4 battery status lights that indicate the battery left – 25-50-75-100% respectively

One longer click turns the lights on, one or both and one short click changes the modes while long click turns the leds off.

Keep in mind they can be turned on together, this reduces the runtime but adds some CRI to the total output that can reach 1500lm, declared.

To prevent accidental turn-ons there is a “lip” on the top that makes it more diffilcult to turn it on by mistake.

This headlight is pretty special and unique in the flashlights world, the reason is simple, it weights a mere 90gr without battery and the reason is very cool, the body is made of MAGNESIUM! oh yes you read right, magnesium is a very light and sturdy alloy, often used in engines, I’ve never seen it in flashlights before, usually the lighter ones are aluminium or titanium.

There is an USB-C port on the back of the light, covered by a rubber cap.

You can easily tilt the light to illuminate your path at the best angle.

The headband has a patented regulation that can be operated one handed, you must get used to it first but it’s pretty easy: pull the knob on the band, loose the cord, press the button and turn it until the light is comfortable.

To me the headband has ONE big drawback, the back of the light is made of plastic and the band is very light and thin, my forehead hurts a bit as there is no rubber on the back to relieve the contact with your head, shouldn’t create any problems but might not be the most comfortable ever.

The band cannot be removed to use the light as a stan-alone flashlight.

The Fenix runs on 18650 protected batteries only, so no flat tops unless with a tiny pointy button top as the + contact is recessed.

The box comes with :

– Fenix HM65R-T Headlight with bracket and headband already mounted
– 18650 protected battery (sigh) ARB-L18-3500 with 3500mah (3150mah measured on the first charge.
– spare oring
– manual
– usb-c cable


LEDs: one Luminus sst40 cool white and one Cree XP-G2 S3 neutral white, no exact temperature mentioned officially
1500 Lumens Max Output
Dual Switch Operation
USB Type-C charging
Spotlight Outputs
Turbo: 1300 Lumens/4 Hours/557 Feet
Med: 400 Lumens/12 Hours/314 Feet
Low: 130 Lumens/24 Hours/180 Feet
Floodlight Outputs
High: 400 Lumens/21 Hours/177 Feet
Med: 70 Lumens/50 Hours/75 Feet
Low: 5 Lumens/300 Hours/19 Feet
Dual Spotlight and floodlight outputs
IP68 Dust-proof and Waterproof Rating
2-Meter impact resistance
Made from lightweight magnesium with all-metal housing
Durable and Reflective headband for easy visibility
Ergonomically designed Headlamp holder
Battery Level Indicator
Lockout Function

now, pictures!


The Fenix HM65R-T arrives in a plastic box with specs and info on it


The light comes already mounted and with the battery inserted (a plastic insulator is inside the tube, remove it to make the light shine)

LEDs: one Luminus sst40 cool white and one Cree XP-G2 S3 neutral white


This is the part I like the least, no rubber is applied to the bracket so it might hurt a bit, nothing serious though, still have to use it for longer times.

To access the USB port, tilt the light downwards and pull the rubber cap.

The one handed adjusting system, pull the cap, pull the string, press the cap, turn until it fits right.


Power indicators and the 2 led power buttons.


Orings prevent the water to come in, the + goes towars the SST40 LED (left, looking at the front)


Magnesium body

30% (declared) lighter than aluminium and much stronger

First cycle charge for the battery, 3150mah capacity, the declared capacity is 3.500mah but I have never seen a battery with such a high real capacity.

Notice it is protected with a small button top.

This one does NOT charge via USB, it needs to be inserted in the flashlight or you need and external charger.

Size Comparison:

Fenix HM65R-T
Fenix 18650 Battery
Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21
Victorinox EvoGrip18


Action Shots!

Spot Light High

Flood Light High

Spot Light High


Flood Light High


Both LEDs on High

Notice the tint is more neutral and the light is floodier

LEDs on!


Spot Light High


Flood Light High


Spot Light High

Flood Light High


Both LEDs on High

Notice the tint is more neutral and the light is floodier


Last Words and Conclusions:

The Fenix HM65R-T Flashlight was kindly sent by Fenix after a reviewers giveway, thanks for the opportunity!

The review is honest with my positive and negative experience with the light. I was not paid for the review.

What I like:

  • Light Magnesium construction
  • dual led (even together)
  • nice adjusting system
  • super easy to use

What I DON’T like:

  • no rubber backing on the bracket
  • no flat tops compatibility

Other considerations:

  • I would have suggested a different led choice, more suitable for the outdoor use it is intended for.


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