Sofirn SF47T Flashlight Review – 21700 Thrower Osram 25W

Last Update 21-06-2021

Sofirn SF47T Flashlight Review – 21700 Thrower Osram 25W

I got this beast from sofirn and was excited as I don’t own too many throwers, I’m more of a flooder guy.

This thing is a beast, really, it’s HUGE! but still good in the hands.

It is powered by a 25w Osram LED (KW CULPM1.TG “Boost HX” 6500K CCT) capable of 1500 lumens on Turbo and 1.100mt of (declared) throw. The tint is cool white but not much blue-purple is to be seen, I really like the emitted tint.

The Spot as seen in pictures is really, really, small. This light is a pure thrower, made to shine a large amount of light, very far and very, very concentrated.

There are 3 “main” levels, along with a low moonlight mode, able to still shine many meters away and a 1500 (declared) Turbo mode, capable of large distance and high illumination.

The levels are 1 lm moonlight (very powerful) 50-300-700 and 1500 lm turbo, strobe and sos are hidden modes)

Moonlight is achieved by holding the mode button while turning on the light, turbo is achieved by a double click.

Mind it has a mechanical clicky switch to turn on the light on the tailcap and a lighted electronic mode button near the head, to operate the light you need 2 hands, a one-handed operation is not so easy.

The light comes in a quality complete kit including a good charger, already used it as a travel charger and it worked well, 2 21700 batteries and spare orings.

It runs on 2x 21700 button top batteries (to make contact between them) that allows a very long 3.5hrs runtime.

The box comes with a rarely seen complete kit:

– Sofirn SF47T Flashlight
– Sofirn labelled 2x 5.000mah (4500 real cap.) 21700 lion batteries, button top (unprotected I assume)
– cardboard battery protection (remove before use)
– 2 spare orings
– a lanyard
– a 2x charger with micro usb to usb A cable
– instruction manual


–  Emitter: Osram 25W LED (KW CULPM1.TG “Boost HX” 6500K CCT)
– Operating voltage: 6.0V – 8.4V
– Driver: Constant current buck driver
– Battery options: 2x 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with button tops (flat tops don’t work)
– Dimension: 247.5mm (length) × 55mm (head diameter)
– Weight: 315 grams (without battery)
– Flashlight body: Aerospace grade 6061 grade aluminum alloy, CNC manufactured to hard-anodized to military grade specification type III, anti-abrasive finish to get solid built body, anti-crash geometry and better heat exchange.
– Toughened mineral glass lens
– Water resistance i.a.w. IPX-8 (up to 2 meter under water, not for diving)
– Mode Memory: memorizes the last brightness level used in the general modes (Outdoor Group: Low/Med/High)
– polarity protection from improper battery installation
– Low voltage warning and Low voltage protection
– Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology: automatically step down and step up the brightness

The Sofirn SF47T arrives in a simple printed large cardboard box.


A rarely seen complete kit with all you need to be ready for adventures, searches or other activities in the darkness.

2x 21700 5.000mah batteries are included, button top type

Flat top batteries don’t work because they don’t made contact between them.


Both batteries reached good 2.500mah each on the first capacity charge, not bad.

(Sorry for the dust..)

A very simple but effective 2x1A charger is included.

it has a micro usb connector and outputs a maximum power fo 2x1A, so, a minimum of 2A Charger is needed.

I also accepts 18350, 18650 and other size batteries, the charger is the same as the one that cam with the DL40

The SF47T


The Led is an Osram 25W Cool White emitter with a ceramic socket and a 2×1 mm footprint, capable of a declared throw of 1.100mt and 1.500lm

Unfortunately the last weekend there was too much mist to measure the throw, which still was very impressive, the spot is really small and concentrated.

The main switch is a clicky tailcap mounted one, the click is firm and easy to operate.


The electronic mode switch is backlit with a green and a red led to indicate the power level.

The click is very firm and the size is optimal.

Keep in mind you need 2 hand to operate the light as the 2 switches are pretty far from each other, due to the large size of the SF47T.

The head size and cooling fins allow a large runtime on high-turbo modes, I haven’t felt any large heat developing with longer use.

Both ends of the battery tube provide a watertight Oring seal


Comparison Shots:


Action Shots!

in hand…

Turbo mode beamshots


Low mode

Last Words and Conclusions:

The SF47T was kindly sent from Sofirn to review, the review is honest with positive and negative experience with the light. I was not paid for the review.

What I like:

  • Long Runtime and long throw
  • runs on 21700 batteries, only button top, though
  • powerful
  • hefty

What I DON’T like:

  • large, so not easy to carry
  • no knurling so grip might not always be the best
  • needs 2 hand to operate
  • spot is VERY tight, maybe too much

Other considerations:

  • compatibility with  21700’s and 18650’s is not guaranteed if not button top
  • a sheath would be good, it’s not really a pocket friendly light
  • it’s a tight spot thrower


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