ACEBEAM E70 Flashlight Review – 21700 – XHP70.2

Last Update 12-07-2021

ACEBEAM E70 Flashlight Review – 21700 – XHP70.2

Acebeam and Sven from were kind to send me the E70 to test and review so, here it is, I’ve been using it every day for the last month, both hiking, at work and on the boat, it’s a solid performer.

The AceBeam E70 is a 21700 powered medium sized light that is powered by a CREE XHP70.2  a new and very high power led that has a pretty large footprint with its 7x7mm base.

The tint on this one I am reviewing is cool white (CW) at 6500K and output some powerful 4.600 lumens on turbo.

The tint is pretty cool with some light blue to purple tint on high and turbo, on low and medium it’s less disturbing.

It is powered by a (not on mine) supplied protected 5000mah 21700 li-ion battery but works well on flat top 21700 and 18650s with an adapter (not included!)

There are 4 “main” levels, along with a low moonlight mode, able to still shine many meters away and a 4.600 (declared) Turbo mode, capable of larger distance and high illumination.

Moonlight and lockout are activated with a long press, while, to turn it on (went crazy myself the first minute before trying) you have to click twice (2 single clicks)

To change brightness simply hold the button to cycle, to get turbo double click from any active mode.

Three clicks from OFF activate the strobe mode (not in lockout)

The light comes in a simple cardboard box with light, lanyard orings and a velvet-like sleeve to store the light without scratching it.


– powered by 1 protected or flat top 21700
– compatible with 18650 with an adapted (not provided)
– Low Voltage protection and low battery warning (flashes)
– Flashlight body: Aerospace grade 6061 grade aluminum alloy, CNC manufactured to hard-anodized to military grade specification type III
– Toughened mineral glass lens
– Mode Memory: memorizes the last brightness level
– automatic temperature regulation

the Acebeam E70 in all its beauty! in different environments.


the sleeve inside with blue swirls is really particular and really good looking in the sun


For convenient carry a black steel pocket clips and various attachments for a lanyard are provided, the clip is not too tight and not too loose and provides a not too deep but comfortable carry in the pocket.

It is powered by a CREE XLamp XHP70.2 LED with a 7x7mm footprint in 6500K (no bin or CRI provided)

The large led makes a pretty floody beam with a large spot in the center.


On top of the head is a crenelated steel bezel

The light is operated via an electronic switch, seems it’s made of anodized aluminium.

There are also 2 set of holes for lanyards and splitrings.


The inside is made of 2 parts, inner blue anodized tube and the external black anodized tube, giving the light a pretty unique design.


Comparison Shots:

Noctigon K9.2

Sofirn SF47T

Acebeam E70

Huntsman Camo

Noctigon K9.2

Sofirn SF47T

Acebeam E70


Action Shots!


shots are on TURBO

14er Tactical Backpack show, the review is in progress


Last Words and Conclusions:

The E70 was kindly sent by acebeam to review, the review is honest with positive and negative experience with the light. I was not paid for the review.

What I like:

  • Awesome floody beam
  • nice unique design, good grip
  • runs on 21700 batteries
  • powerful
  • hefty

What I DON’T like:

  • no direct compatibility with more common 18650’s
  • not many accessories included

Other considerations:

  • compatibility with  21700’s and 18650’s is not guaranteed if not button top
  • a sheath would be good instead of a velvet sleeve
  • it’s a tight spot thrower


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Check back soon for more!


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