NICRON B70 Angle Twist Flashlight Review Orsam White 18650

Last Update 27-04-2022

NICRON B70 Angle Twist Flashlight Review – a fun 2-in-1 flashlight.

Angle lights were something I used when I was a kid, they were cool looking, like those used by soldiers in movies but were really low in lumens and runtime.

Flashlights nowadays are straight tubes you hold and shine in front of you. they either shine in front of you or vertically.

The B70 is, well…both. It can shine held in your hand like a classic flashlight or it can shine staying on a flat surface. Either vertically like a candle or at a 90 degrees angle if you tilt the head.

This is a pretty unique feature, the light can stick to metal surfaces or metal things, you can hang it with the clip or you can tilt the head from 0 to 90 degrees and point it where needed.

Angle lights used to have in the tailcap, various plastic lensed, available in various colors to be used at night in different light conditions and for different uses. Green or Red for eg. hunting or reading.

The Nicron B70 has again, a modern approach, it sports 2 green and 2 red aux lights that can bea easily accessed with the rubber e-switch.

Talking about LEDs, this model as the main one,  has 1 Osram White LED with a temperature of +-6000K to my eyes, not a bluish white but a more pure white tint like the W1 or W2. To my eyes i’d say it’s more 5500/6000k than 6000/6500k

While not a HI CRI LED the Pure White looks better than usual Cool White LEDS you often find, where the beam is bluish, purplish or deadly cold.

The auxiliary LEDs are unspecified, there are 2 Red and 2 Green ones, they come without a lens or optic, they sit below the plastic lens on top of the smooth reflector.

Both the reflector (unsure) and the lens feel and look made out of plastic, no AR coating is available, unfortunately.

The Nicron B70 comes in a complete package:

  • flashlight
  • 18650 li-ion protected battery (2600mah)
  • spare oring and spare dust cap
  • 40cm usb-c cable
  • instruction manual
  • battery insulation (remove before the first use)

Flashlight Operation:

The light is super easy to use, there is just on single e-switch button.

To activate the led, screw the tailcap to ensure it can be activated and press the e-switch for 1 second, the LED comes on, on the last used mode, single clicks bring you through the 4 available modes (10lm low-80lm med- 500lm high-1200lm turbo). A longer press activates the auxiliary Green leds, another single click activates the red ones.

Another click brings back the main white led at the previously used power level.

To turn it off in any mode, while on, long-press the switch.

A long press while OFF, turns on the white led first and then switches to the green one.

3 quick presses while off activate SOS mode, one more click activates the SOS.

Power indication and charging:

The e-switch is backlit by 2 leds, one green, one red.

When you turn it on, the green, amber (green and red mix) or red LEDs go on and stay on, indicating the approximate power:

  • Green (>40%)
  • Amber (20-40%)
  • Red (<20%)

To charge the flashlight, use a usb cable and a charger with 5V 1A output, the supplied cable is fine and long enough.


– powered by 1 protected (provided) or flat top 18650
– Low Voltage protection and low battery warning (switch led)
– Flashlight body: aluminium (unspecified) for the body and tailcap
– Mode Memory: memorizes the last brightness level
– automatic temperature regulation
– 1m drop resistant
– IP65 Water Resistant
Now, to the pictures and tests:

The box: front.


The box: rear.


The Nicron B70 comes in a complete package:

  • Nicron B70 angle head flashlight
  • 18650 li-ion protected battery (2600mah)
  • spare oring and spare dust cap
  • 40cm usb-c cable 5V 1A
  • instruction manual
  • battery insulation (remove before the first use)

The Nicron B70 Angle Head Flashlight:


Normal, straight head mode:


The head swings from 0 to 90 degrees, the movement is hydraulic smooth and the head can remain to a user decided angle without worries.


Angle Head mode, a modern version of the classic military angle flashlight.

The e-switch is backed by a colored led with 3 colors, green, amber and red, to indicate the remaining battery power, the led does not go off but remains on all the time, a useful feature that should not affect runtime.

When plugged in the light becomes red and blinks to indicate the charging status, from 1 (0%) to 4 times (90%) and becomes green when charged (100%).


There is an o-ring like orange band on the head, for aesthetics only, useful fo find the light when dropped.

The head is glued and cannot be easily opened to work on the led or electronics.


The black anodized pocket steel clip can be removed or turned around to cover the e-switch.

It seems pretty sturdy and long enough for a comfortable use.


A nice feature is the magnetic tailcap, it is really, really strong!

It is a nice addition as you can orient the flashlight to point the beam where you need it most.


Usb charging port supports 5V 1A charging via USB-C.


Unfortunately the light uses a very slow Pulse Wave Mode/PWM, which is noticeable in low mode, it does not disturb but it is present.

On the higher modes it is much harder to see, therefore it’s not disturbing, but, my camera was able to photograph it at high shutter speed! (low mode).

A cool picture.

I’d have preferred it to use Digital Current Regulation instead of PWM, in 2022 to see PWM is not the best of options! Nicron please take note.


The tailcap is very sturdy and thick and hosts a very strong magnet.

The threads are classic tapered threads, they are unfortunately not square cut.

They come well lubricated and with a thick oring.


The provided battery is a li-ion 18650 with protection circuit on the top and a 2600mah capacity.

As it is a max 1200 (declared) lumens flashlight it has enough power for good runtimes.

A much higher battery is always better, being a 50$ flashlight, this battery size is ok.


My 2 examples got 2685mah and  2685mah capacity on my XTAR VC4S in grading mode, the batteries both had 2 charges prior to the capacity test.

The actual capacity matches the declared one so it’s good.


Comparison Shots:

Huntsman Camo

Nicron B70

Nicron 18650 2600mah battery

Emisar D4V2TI 18650 flashlight


Chris Reeve Knives CRK Sebenza 25

Four Sevens Quark 16650 QK16L

Nicron B70

Action Shots and Tests!

NOTE: this test was a mistake on my side.
I live near the water so I usually test lights above or under water, water proofness is a must for most gear.

The Nicron B70 is only IP67 rated so, it’s water resistant, not water proof. This means it can sustain rain or splashes, not to be submersed.

Nicron was kind to send a second one to finish the review.

I put these pictures in the review so readers know, tests should be honest and published entirely.


NOTE: this test was a mistake on my side.

The Nicron B70 remained underwater just the time for me to shoot a few pictures and seems to come out fine.

NOTE: this test was a mistake on my side.

Unfortunately water went in from the plastic lens, creating water drops and a foggy lens afterwards.

The main led corroded and salt flakes formed around it, it died 24hrs after.

The first light is still working but only in red or white modes.

The next pictures will show the second model I got from Nicron to finish the review.

Freeze Test:

The Nicron B70 was put in the freezer for 36hrs.

This time it’s a dry freeze test, no water was involved other than the humidity in the freezer.

The freezer should simulate a night out in the snow when the light might be dropped and forgot out in winter.

Freeze Test:

The Nicron B70 came out perfectly after 36hrs dry-freeze.

Beam Shots!

shots are on TURBO


Last Words and Conclusions:

The Nicron B70 was kindly sent (twice) by Nicron. The review is honest with positive and negative experience with the light. I was not paid for the review.

What I like:

  • interesting design and function
  • straight and angle mode
  • runs on 18650 batteries (protected and unprotected)
  • USB-C charging
  • good power
  • hefty and solid
  • clip is really good
  • cool white led is not bluish
  • strong magnet

What I DON’T like:

  • set modes might not please everyone, stepless ramping would be nice
  • not many accessories included (lanyard, pouch…)
  • not waterproof
  • tint is not HI-CRI
  • aux led have a ringy beam
  • plastic lens and reflector

Other considerations:

  • none


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