ACEBEAM E70SS Stainless Steel Flashlight Review – XHP70.2 5000k Neutral White – 21700

Last Update 08-04-2022

ACEBEAM E70SS Stainless Steel Flashlight Review

Some time back I was able to test the aluminium E70 and now here is the upgraded and beefier Stainless Steel option, a very heavy and sturdy chunk of shiny steel, with a monster CNC machined clip.

The AceBeam E70 SS uses the same LED from the aluminium version, a CREE XHP70.2, but, this time instead of a 6500k Cool White (bluish) led, it sports a Neutral White 5000k version!

This is for me a great improvement/offer, NW LEDs are higher CRI (Color Rendering Index) and render colors more natural. You often see me review lights at 4000k/5000k, I find these tint excel great in an urban environment, on the water or in the woods. Cool White LEDs are too bluish or greenish and render natural colors poorly, I prefer CW for throwers or on the water with bad visibility, it cuts through mist and distance more aggressively.

The XHP70.2 has a rather large hotspot, thanks to the large die which, is neutral/creamy, the area around it is a bit greenish (typical for CREE LEDs) while the spill is normal neutral color.

It’s not the ideal led for CRI fanatics but fits very well in the E70 SS.

It is powered by a (not on mine) supplied protected 5000mah 21700 li-ion battery but works well on flat top 21700 and 18650s with an adapter (not included!).

There is no charging port on the flashlight, it is completely waterproof, therefore I’ve added a special test during the review, check below and see how it went!

There are 4 “main” levels, along with a low moonlight mode, able to still shine many meters away and a 4.600 (declared) Turbo mode, capable of larger distance and high illumination.

Moonlight and lockout are activated with a long press, while, to turn it on (went crazy myself the first minute before trying) you have to click twice (2 single clicks).

To change brightness simply hold the button to cycle, to get turbo double click from any active mode.

Three clicks from OFF activate the strobe mode (not in lockout)

The light comes in a simple cardboard box with light, lanyard o-rings and a velvet-like sleeve to store the light without scratches.


– powered by 1 protected or flat top 21700
– compatible with 18650 with an adapted (not provided)
– Low Voltage protection and low battery warning (flashes)
– Flashlight body: Stainless Steel (unspecified) for the body, aluminium, hard anodized for the interior battery tube.
– Toughened mineral glass lens
– Mode Memory: memorizes the last brightness level
– automatic temperature regulation

the AceBeam E70 Stainless Steel in all its beauty!


the sleeve inside is blue hard anodized aluminum with swirls, it helps protect the waterproofness of the light given the holes across the body and give a nice modern look


The head is a hefty chunk of steel, with machined holes and ridges.

The logo is well etched.

The ridges on the main body tube are large enough to accomodate tritium vials and glow in the dark paint.

This time the clip is really large and over dimensioned despite the one from the E70 Aluminium  as you can see in the picture.


The clip’s screws are also blue anodized and are much larger then the aluminium’s one counterpart, these should not get loose so easily.

There are 3 sets of holes around the flashlight in case you want to move the clip or that one gets stripped, intersting choice.

The whole lights is overbuilt, the tail button mounted electronic switch is solid stainless steel.

The button is recessed to avoid accidental activation and to allow for tailstanding.

Notice there are various attachment points for the provided lanyard.


On top of the head is a crenelated steel bezel, it can be unscrewed to access the lens, reflector or LED for maintenance or customization.

Way too many manufacturer’s seal the lights to avoid users to access the internals, I prefer to be able to check my flashlights for water, clean the internals or be able to change the LEDs if they’re burned out.

It is powered by a CREE XLamp XHP70.2 LED with a 7x7mm footprint in 5000K (no bin or CRI provided) with a Neutral White(ish) tint.

I prefer this one to the 6500k from the first one I got.

The large led makes a pretty floody beam with a large spot in the center.

The inside is made of 2 parts, inner blue anodized tube and the external stainless steel body, giving the light a pretty unique design.

The threads are square cut and come clean and lubricated, this allows for smooth operation and easy disassembly,


The internal electronics are protected by a plastic film, firmly fixed below the OFC Spring, no accidental short circuit or damages can happen to the electronic components.


In hand and clipped to my pants shots:

note I have Small/Medium hands

Comparison Shots:

AceBeam E70 SS Stainless Steel

Samsung Li-Ion 21700 50E Battery

Huntsman Camo

LionSteel Myto K390


XTAR R30 1200

AceBeam E70 SS Stainless Steel

Wurkkos DL10R

Action Shots!

shots are on TURBO


Beam Shots!

shots are on TURBO

Here you can see come blue outside the hotspot

it is less noticeable on a white wall like below



This light got me into an idea, the light is claimed to be waterproof to IP68 certifications, so one morning the idea of mixing freezing temperatures and water came to my mind, so, here is a 24hrs wet-freeze test, let’s see how it went:

This is the E70 SS at 7:30 am in a plastic container willed with regular tap water, put into the freezer at normal freeze temperatures, the test in my idea should simulate a flashlight forgotten or lost at night outside, either in a pond or under the rain in winter.

The E70 is set on LOW 50lm power, claiming 50hrs runtime in normal situations.

2:00pm, 6,5hrs have passed and the water is almost totally frozen, the E70 appears to be fine, I didn’t notice flickering or any lower output.


7:30am, 24hrs have been passed between water, cold temperatures and ice.

The E70 seems to enjoy the cold and could go on.

The Output is lower (hard to photograph) probably around 20-30lm, it is noticeably lower, the declared output is 50lm for 36hrs so with the added stress from the cold I assume it’s a great result.

The plastic container has been put on a table to warm up and melt.


2:00pm, next day.

light is fine, the ice melt, nothing got in the light inners, no defects or damages.

I cleaned it thoroughly and let it warm up to room temperature.

The ending voltage of the battery was 3.0v approx.

Last Words and Conclusions:

The E70 was bought with a reviewer’s discount from acebeam , the review is honest with positive and negative experience with the light. I was not paid for the review.

What I like:

  • Awesome floody beam
  • nice unique design, good grip
  • runs on 21700 batteries
  • powerful
  • hefty and solid
  • clip is really good
  • totally waterproof

What I DON’T like:

  • set modes might not please everyone, stepless ramping would be nice
  • not many accessories included

Other considerations:

  • compatibility with  21700’s and 18650’s is not guaranteed if not button top
  • a sheath would be good instead of a velvet sleeve
  • it’s a tight spot thrower


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