Wurkkos DL70 Flashlight Review – Diving Flashlight – 26650 – 4x XHP50.2

Last Update 15-05-2022

Wurkkos DL70 Flashlight Review – The latest of the large models from Wurkkos’s diving lights range, it’s meant to be used under water or around water in real darkness.

It mounts 4x CREE XHP50.2 CW Cool White LEDs that are run at 3V, it is not High CRI (Color Redention Index) like it’s DL40 (review here) counterpart.

I must say the CW tint on the DL70 is not bluish or purple, it is pure cold white, ok, not as pure as the Owram W1 or Osram W2 but it’s not a nasty dead looking purple tint like on many flashlights around (why does CW even exist? huh? I don’t get it!.)

The Lens is made of Toughened mineral glass so it can show scratches, mine has some already. I’d have preferred a Sapphire Glass with an A/R Coating to avoid scratches and make it even tougher.

The QUAD-Reflector is made from aluminium and is mirror smooth polished.

The LEDS are coupled with a specific driver, in this case an Analog Devices step-down (buck) driver with a low (declared)  standby drain of 60µA and an Operating voltage between 5.6V – 8.4V.

The Flashlight’s driver is powered by  2x 26650 4.2v LiIon rechargeable batteries, with button tops and Wurkkos says that (unfortunately) it is not compatible with 18650/21700 batteries, no idea why.

I actually wondered why there where no plastic adapters like in the DL40, now we know.

There are 4 power levels (declared outputs): 450(18hrs)-1300(5:30hrs)-4000(2:30hrs)-13.000(2hrs), that assure you to stay out of the darkness for a pretty long time, thanks to the large battery capacity of the 2x 5.000mah cells.

The Wurkkos DL70 is Water resistance under IPX-8 (up to 100m under water) standard, I’d say it’s waterproof rather than water-resistant as mine survived 3 days in the freezer immersed in water first, ice later.

Good job Wurkkos on this one, waterproofness is highly important in flashlights or potentially life saving electronic devices, to reach this and to keep the water out there are 7 (seven!) orings to seal the body from water and the walls are thick enough to withstand abuse and hard use.

There are no special features apart from thermal regulation and LVP, mine didn’t step down quickly, the 13.000 lumens are held for a good time, the light becomes pretty hot though.
I’ve read it should step down when hot and should flick to indicate LV but the batteries are so huge and the mass so high I haven’t “seen” these features live.

The switch is an electronic “Internal-External equal pressure switch” with a rather mushy feeling (why not magnetic? huh?) and is used to change mode (with quick press) or to shut down the light (long press), it’s as said a bit mushy and has a long travel, the size is a little small, I’m unsure about the use with gloves or the tactile feeling with gloves.

The swich is completely waterproof but, make sure to press is a few times out of the water to let it out before putting the light away.

I’d suggest Wurkkos to change it or use a different button, like the magnetic ring on the DL30 or DL10R or, even an electronic rubberized switch like on the FC11.

There is unfortunately, no lockout safety, unless screwing the tailcap a few degrees, beware the activation is easy and you could burn your pants or backpack (I did…)

Apart from this little critique it’s a wonderful chunk of flashlight, it’s powerful and massive with some good heat dissipation.

I’m not a diver but I regularly am out at night on the boat, hiking, camping and this is a good choice, solid and reliable.

Keep in mind the 450lm “low” might be high  or too high in many cases, night vision is not preserved so well with so much power.

The light comes in a quality complete kit including a good charger, already used as a backup for  travel/emergency and batteries have a great capacity, really happy about it!.

The box comes with a rarely seen complete kit:

– Wurkkos DL70 Diving Flashlight
– Wurkkos labelled 2x 5.000mah (4976mah and 5041mah) 26650 lion batteries, button top (unprotected I assume) .
– cardboard battery protection (remove before use)
– 2 spare o-rings
– a generous rubber padded lanyard ring not to loose the light underwater (no GITD attachment, if you loose the light while off, it’s gone)
– a 2x bay charger with micro usb to usb A cable
– instruction manual


Emitter: 4x Cree XHP50.2 (3V) CW Cool White
Reflector: Quad smooth aluminium reflector
Driver: Buckdriver
Low standby drain: 60µA
Operating voltage: 5.6V – 8.4V
Battery options: 2x 26650 li-ion battery (not compatible with 18650/21700 batteries)
Dimension: 209mm (length) x 60mm (head diameter)
Weight: 395 grams
Flashlight body: Aerospace grade 6061 grade aluminum alloy, CNC manufactured to hard-anodized to military grade specification type III, anti-abrasive finish to get solid built body, anti-crash geometry and better heat exchange.
Toughened mineral glass lens
Double spring with gold plating for optimum electrical conductivity and low resistance
Water resistance i.a.w. IPX-8 (up to 100m under water)
Mode Memory: memorizes the last brightness level
Reverse polarity protection to protect against improper battery installation
Low voltage warning: When the battery voltage is low, the LEDs will start to flash quickly twice every minute as a reminder to replace batteries
Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology: ATR will reduce the brightness level automatically when the driver temperature reaches 55°C to prevent overheating.
Water resistance : IPX-8
Mode Memory: memorizes the last brightness level used in the general modes
Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology: ATR will adjust the brightness level automatically down when the driver temperature reaches 50℃ to prevent overheating

The Wurkkos DL70 arrives in a simple printed HUGE cardboard box.


A rarely seen complete kit with all you need to be ready for adventures, both under and above water.

Lanyard, manual, battery insulation, user manual and spare o-rings.


2x 26650 li-ion button top batteries, capacity is 5.000mah.

dual bay battery charger, 2x1A output, it connects via micro usb.

The Wurkkos DL70 Diving Flashlight in all its beauty


The DL70 is operated via an “internal-external equal pressure switch”

The action is a little but “mushy” as it it really soft to press, it goes all the way down, one short click turns the light on and changes between the 4 modes. A long-press turns it off.

No other functions are present and the switch has no safety/lock feature, be sure to unscrew the tail cap if you don’t need to operate the flashlight, otherwise, you might burn something! (I dit unfortunately).


It mounts 4x CREE XHP50.2 CW Cool White LEDs that are run at 3V, temperature is cool white so 6000k/6500K.

The tint is not as cool as some others, there is no purple, green or blue tint.

The lanyard hole of the DL70 is very generous, you can slide through the supplied rubberized lanyard or any of your likings.

The tailcap is still flat and with some attention, the light can tailstand vertically.

Quality square cut threads allow for a smooth action and being coupled with 2+4 orings, the light is capable of 100mt total waterpfoofness.

The Batteries are inserted from the tailcap, pointing towards the head.

The walls are pretty thick, giving it more strength and toughtness.

The tube’s not anodized on the top to allow a mechanical lockout.

The body divides into 3 parts.

The Tube cannot be reversed, the threads are not compatible.

I like flashlights that can be torn apart, they are easy to maintain and lubricate. In the event of corrosion of the springs or of the contacts, it’s super easy to clean them.

note the battery sign on the back and the 4 o-rings to guarantee waterproofness.

A positive comment on the lubrication, the action is smooth and the threading is very clean and well done.


Comparison Shots!

With its High Cri counterpart the DL40 I reviewed last year


Wurkkos 26650 5000mah li-ion batteries


Opinel n.12

Victorinox Fieldmaster


Wurkkos DL70

Victorinox Fieldmaster

Emisar D4V2TI

Sanyo 18650GA Battery


In hand Shots | Testing


The supplied 26650 li-ion batteries say they have a 5.000mah capacity.

I have no such large wraps they wear so no way to know what’s underneath unfortunately.

My XTAR VC4S, although not the most accurate and precise charger, shows on the first cycle charge, capacities of 4.976mah and 5.041mah, the difference should be within specs for such large capacities, I’m sure it can improve with further charges.

I was taking pictures of the crenelated bezel when the light started burning the old rotten wood I placed it onto,  within seconds, this really shows you could start a fire with it!.


The DL70 in its natural environment, the sea!


Now to the freeze test, this should simulate a long exposition to water and cold, like the flashlight was forgotten in the cold snow or river in winter.

The test should have lasted 24/30hrs, I forgot the DL70 in the freezer for 72hrs, the output level sat set to low, but only lasts 20hrs so the light came out in a powered-off state.

But it came out fine! and with some leftover juice in the batteries.


Frozen cold but perfectly fine.

Action Shots!


Old and Abandoned Places series:

Beamshots in an old building from 1883 in the country.

Shots are on TURBO.


…and the last picture, THANSK FOR READING!

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Last Words and Conclusions:

The DL70 was kindly sent from Wurrkos to test and review, the review is honest with positive and negative experiences with the light. I was not paid for the review.

What I like:

  • GREAT quality for the price
  • runs on HUGE 26650’s
  • powerful
  • hefty
  • thick alu

What I DON’T like:

  • the switch is mushy, a magnetic ring would have been better
  • no knurling so grip might not always be the best
  • no 4000k option
  • cannot run on 18650’s or other batteries

Other considerations:

  • a sheath would be good, it’s not really a pocket-friendly light


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