Folomov C2 EDC Flashlight Review – EDC Flashlight – 14300 – CREE XT-E 6500K

Last Update 25-09-2022

Folomov C2 EDC Flashlight Review – a small but powerful companion that is light and easy to carry.

It is equipped with one  CREE XT-E (CW Cool White) LED wich appears to be a classic 6500k cold tint, unfortunately this makes it a non Hi-Cri flashlight (I really hoped to receive a NW), a con, for us NW fans.

It runs with a small a 14300 li-ion battery, button top with a micro USB port and a red/green LED to show the charging status.

The optics appears to be frosted/dotted, to make the beam wider and floody.

The C2 EDC is operated by a soft e-switch that allows for some various modes:

-A long click turns MOONLIGHT MODE ON
-A single Click toggles between 4 main modes (turbo ramps up instead of stepping directly, to indicate this mode to the user)
-A double click and subsequent double click activate Strobe, SOS and Beacon modes.
-A single click reverts to the last used mode.
-A triple click acrivates LOCKOUT modes (3 blicks), another triple click UNLOCKS the light (1 blink)

The C2 EDC has mode memory for the main modes.

Regarding waterproofness the light is declared to respect IPX8 (see pictures)  specifications, it was able to withstand 30hrs submerged and being frozen in a plastic cup on moonlight without big suffering, after drying up the switch was not responding to all clicks correctly so I let it dry, open and  tube down in the air for some more 24hrs, it came back as before and is still working fine after a couple weeks.

I’m unsure a thermal regulation or LVP are present in the lights electronics as mine didn’t show any blinks or else when the batery got low, I imagine the protection of the battery jumped in and turned it off.

For the price of 25-35$ (googled prices it appear to be a nice and capable MICRO flashlight, both to be used as an EDC flashlight or as a backup for kits.

The box comes with complete and ready to use kit:

– Folomov C2 Flashlight
– 14300 flat top 3.7v 520mah battery with micro usb port
– usb A to micro usb cable (20cm long)
– 2 spare orange o-rings
– instruction manual


Emitter: CREE XT-E LED in Cool White (unknown temp)
Reflector: frosted/dotted Optic
Driver: unknown
Low standby drain: unknown (appears to be low though)
Operating voltage: 3.7-4.2v
Battery options: 1x 14300 li-ion
Dimension: 45mm (length) x 16mm (head diameter)
Weight: 14 grams / 27 grams with battery
Flashlight body: aluminum alloy, anodized black
Water resistance: IPX8
Mode Memory: memorizes the last brightness level
Low voltage warning: unknown
Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology: unknown

The Folomov C2 EDC comes in a small carboard box with plastic inner


The C2 comes with a ready to use package containing all you need to run it, battery, cable, orings and instructions.


A cute, little flashlight.


Golden accents.


The optic is a frosted/dotted one, for a large floody beam.

Waterproofness is granted by one small diameter oring, the tailcap spring ensures the battery does not rattle.


Flashlight tube, large contact point on the head.


Square cut threads are nowadays pretty standard but they’re always a plus point for the flashlight.

The tailcap is Capable of locking out the flashlight if unscrewed.


Battery details.


The clip is a nice addition, given the small size, you cal clip or hang the flashlight on the belt, to your pocket or on the backpacks or MOLLE/ALICE attachement points.

Unfortunately the C2 has NO lanyard hole so slid a piece of 550 “bumblebee” paracord through the clip, this makes it easier to hold and to see if lost in the grass.


In hand Shots


Comparison Shots!

C2 and DL70

Emisar D4V2 TI-CU
Victorinox Huntsman




Now to the freeze test, this should simulate a long exposition to water and cold, like the flashlight was forgotten in the cold snow or river in winter.

24 hrs in the freezer, now to melt down.


30hrs later, moonlight still running.

Besides the above mentioned switch glitch, the light came out well and after drying in the air, tube down and unscrewed it came back to normal.

Thanks for reading.


Last Words and Conclusions:

The C2 EDC was kindly sent from Folomov to test and review, the review is honest with positive and negative experiences with the light. I was not paid for the review.

What I like:

  • NICE little fella for the price
  • powerful
  • lightweight
  • small

What I DON’T like:

  • a bit more waterproofing would be nice, although the light still works fine.
  • no knurling so grip might not always be the best
  • no 4000k option
  • tint is coldish

Other considerations:

  • a lanyard hole would be a nice addition


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