WURKKOS TS11 Thrower LED flashlight review

Outdoor Flashlight
Thrower SFT40 6000k 18350

Last Update 23-06-2024

WURKKOS TS11 Thrower LED flashlight review – it’s been a while since I last reviewed one Wurkkos cool flashlights.

I got this one a year ago and played with it exensively, it’s a cool little thrower that will make your friends WOW at how much punch it carries!

The Wurkkos TS11 is a CR123/18350 pocket rocket thrower sporting a single SFT40 LED with 6000-6500k along with a TIR (Total Internal Reflection) Optic and 6 RGB AUX Leds under it.

I’m not a fan of cool white LEDS but this one surely fits the purpose of a long powerful throw, so, it’s just right for the flashlight.

The flashlight uses Anduril 2 as a firmware with dual channel software.

Click here to see the working and functions diagram (reddit, credit to the original poster).

The uptated firmware allows for simple or advanced UI with both ramping and stepped interface, various blinky modes, sos, flashes, automatic lockout function, LVP, battery check and to manage 6x RGB LEDS that can be setup differently in operational mode and in lockout.

below is a chart graphic I found on reddit that shows in detail all funcions that are available.

To operate the TS11 you use an electronic swith mounted on the side of the head, with RGB leds below it, reacting the same as the optics LEDS.

The LED of the switch turns off when you turn on the light, it as no regulated level indicator unlike Noctigon’s Lights.

The TS11 is water and dust proof, it has orings on the tailcap and a rubber boot on the USB connector, you can recharge the inclued battery with your phone charger or powerbank, on the train etc…

Lastly the light comes in a very simple kit: flashlights, orings, lanyard, battery (18350 1.100mah), usb cable.

Wurkkos TS11 Specs:

• CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminium
• Ramping interface (Anduril 2)
• Electronic soft touch switch
• Illuminated button in single color
• Incorporated USB-C Li-ion Charger
• Anodized surface finish
• Temperature step-down, automatic LVP
• Waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standard (up to 1 meter)
• RGB aux LEDS
• Dimensions: 90mm(length) * 40mm(head) * 25mm(body)
• Weight: 96gr without battery, 112gr with the included battery

on to the pictures:

WURKKOS TS11 Thrower LED Flashlight Review:

This ice little pocket fella comes in a simple white cardboard like always from wurkkos, although no orange stripes this time

my First SFt40 LED

back of the box

Model markings

what’s included in the box

Light, 18350 Button top battery, orings, lanyard, usb cable

large head with TIR Optics, I love it! (my GF too, she stole it lol)

There are grooves-fins for cooling on the head and PILL under the e-switch.


Rubber e-Switch detail, there are colored LEDS underneath, see in the next pictures.

Opposite to the e-switch there is a rubber boot with a stancard USB-C connector, to recharge the flashlight with a phone charger, at work, with a powerbank, on the plane, so you’ll never be without power.

The TS11 uses a TIR or Total Internal Reflection Optic which is partially frosted to make the Hotspot small as found in throwers with a tight perfectly round beam.

The spill is very generous on this one too, the beam is really perfect.

The 3 pins in the picture are not LEDS, they are used to center the optic on the LEDS board.

It takes 2,5 turns to open the tailcap-tubewhich contains one of the 2 springs to keep the battery firm with good contacts.

The gold plated springs seem to be pretty sturdy and leave a perfectly round mark on the battery’s bottom.

There is an oring to seal the tube and the threads are square.

The walls are thinner than other times, but seem thick enough not to be damaged if dropped.

There is a spring on the PCB too, alon with 3 pins to update the firmware.

Lastly there is a hole for a keyring or the included lanyard.

Here we can see the AUX leds behind the TIR Optic:

The eswitch has RGB Leds in the same color chosen for the main Optics LEDS:

In hand Shots!

Thanks to my beautiful girlfriend for modeling in the in-hand pics

There is no clip, so, it gets carried in the pocket 🙂

Comparison Shots!

Wurkkos TS11

Victorinox Alox Farmer

CRK Knives Inkosi Small

21700 lion battery

Wurkkos TS11

Acebeam Pokelit AA

Noctigon K9.3 

Action Shots! | Beamshots!

Outdoor Beamshots

the larger beam is an Emisar D4V2 SST20 4000K 95CRi, to show the difference between the thrower and a larger flood beam.

Outdoor Beamshots

The TS11 uses PWM visible in pictures only.

Here are some short videos of the beam used to walk on trails at night:


The only real test I did was on the battery, claimed to be 1.100mah but actually around 1.000mah, the testing charge was done after a while of use.

…and the last picture, THANSK FOR READING!

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Last Words and Conclusions:

I got the WURKKOS TS11 from Wurkkos direclty ad a review sample, the review is honest and reflects my personal ideas.

What I like:

  • GREAT quality for the price
  • awesome to play with
  • lightweight
  • onboard charging
  • powerful
  • ramping interface
  • RGB aux lights
  • USB-C charging
  • many extra functions
  • can be updated (on the firmaware side)

What I DON’T like:

  • no 18650 tube included, can be purchased separately
  • nothing in particular

Other considerations:

  • a sheath would be good to carry on the belt


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