NOCTIGON K9.3 DUAL CHANNEL LED flashlight review

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9xSST20 4000K high CRI 3xW1 amber osram CSLNM1.FY 21700Battery

Last Update 26-03-2023

NOCTIGON K9.3 DUAL CHANNEL LED flashlight review – it’s been a while since I last reviewed one of Hank’s flashlight, this one has been largely used over the last couple years and it became my absolute favourite flashlight ever!

First, it’s a rarely seen setup, a dual channel flashlight, this means it’s two flashlights in ONE!: a 9x LED first (main) channel and a 3xLED (secondary) channel, which can be easily changed with a couple clicks.

The main 9x channel sports 9x SST-20 4000K 95CRi LEDs from luminus, my absolutely favourite tinted LEDs I was able to try until now.
They might not be the latest in technology but the creamy neutral tint as awesome on whatever you point it, the color rendering is absolutely gorgeous.
The leds are mounted on 3x standard triple led CARCLO TIR  (total internal reflection) optics (unknown model) and offer a wide floody beam with very good side spill, ideal for oudoor activities and illumination.

Lastly it uses a uses 9A constant current+direct drive driver, allowing in this setup about  5000lm of output.

The secondary 3x channel sports 3x Osram W1 Amber KY CSLNM1.FY with single led TIR optics (unknown model) with a narrower beam, which has a narrower beam with good throw but illuminates your path at night easiliy.

The amber tint is said to be the best for night vision preservation, allowing still to see colors, in regards to red and green which kill some colors of the spectrum.

The driver in this case outputs only 5A on constant current, the lumens rating is unknown, but enough for most activities.

The flashlight uses Anduril 2 as a firmware with dual channel software.

Click here to see the working and functions diagram (reddit, credit to the original poster).

The uptated firmware allows for simple or advanced UI with both ramping and stepped interface, various blinky modes, sos, flashes, automatic lockout function, LVP, battery check and to manage 15x RGB LEDS that can be setup differently in operational mode and in lockout.

below is a chart graphic I found on reddit that shows in detail all funcions that are available.

On the K9.3 the only additional funcion is to switch between Channel 1 and Channel 2, this is obtained with 2 single click and hold on the 3rd, the light changes channel keeping the same output of the other channel.

To operate the K9.3 you use an electronic swith mounted on the side of the head, with 4x single color LEDs, Amber and Red on my 2 samples, blinking the same as the other RGB LEDs.

One particular funcion of the button is that it’s very dim from step 1 to the upper regulated lever and high from the latter to turbo.

The upper regulated output (usually 150lm) is useful for when longer runtimes are needed without draining the battery too fast.

The upper regulated level is standard on battery insertion/twisting the body after the power connected blink.

The K9.3 is waterpfoof and dustproof to IP67 and has worked well under rain, a freeze test is under way.

Lastly the light comes in a very simple kit: flashlights, orings, lanyard.

No battery, cables or unnecessary (price rising) stuff comes from Hank.

Noctigon K9.3 Specs:

• CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminium
• Efficient UK made Carclo triple and single LED optics
• Anti-reflective coated glass lens
• Unihead construction
• Ramping interface (Anduril 2)
• Electronic soft touch switch
• Illuminated button in single color
• Incorporated USB-C Switching Li-ion Charger
• Stainless steel bezel
• Anodized surface finish
• Beryllium-Copper springs with 45% IACS superior to stainless steel alloys used for springs with only 2% IACS.
• Temperature step-down
• Waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standard (up to 1 meter)
• 1*21700 battery (Not included in the price, 18650 battery can be used as emergency)
• Dimensions: 124mm(length) * 52mm(head) * 26.5mm(body)
• Weight: 205g
OTF lumen output at start-up:
CH1, 9*SST-20 6500K/5000K: 7400lm
CH1, 9*SST-20 4000K/2700K: 5000lm (mine)
CH1, XP-L HI: 7500lm
CH1, 9*E21A 5000K: 2550lm
CH1, 9*E21A 4500K/3500K/2700K: 2150lm
CH1, 9* E21A 2000K: 1500lm

on to the pictures:


This is truly my favourite flashlight of all time, and my mostly enjoyed review yet, that’s why it took me so long to make it, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Side View: a chuncy piece of Aircraft Aluminium with a nice grippy design.

Rear View: nice handy design.


This is a DUAL CHANNEL Flashlight, it means it contains 2 indipendent light sources, one, Channel 1 sports 9x SST-20 4000K 95CRi LEDs from Luminus, mounted on 3x standard triple led CARCLO TIR optics.

Channel 2 sports 3x Osram W1 Amber KY CSLNM1.FY with single led TIR optics from Carclo, these have more of a throwy beam even though I found it perfect for night walks or in the woods at night, the Amber keeps CRI more than Red or Green or Blue and has a good night visibility preserving noght vision

On the back there are 15x RGB low consumption LEDs, purple in this case as the battery was lower than 3.8v in lockout with voltage mode.


It’s soo sexy! isn’t it?


Details on the steel bezel and triple optics

The same can be found on the Lumintop LM10


Amber RGB AUX in action.

it mounts 15x RGB low consumption multipurpose and multicolor LEDs.


Here are 2 simple videos showing the different RGB AUX LEDs in quick and slow speed options on lockout.

Channel 1 LEDs, creamy smooth 95CRI Tint.

Channel 2 Amber W1.


The e-switch is covered by a rubber button, it controls the light with clicks or presses, the action is very firm and precise.


under the rubber button there are 4 colored LEDs, in this case I chose amber/orange.


The body is made of aircraft grade aluminum with a diamond like pattern all over the middle tube.

The head is octagonally shaped with cooling fins.

The hard anodised finish is pretty resistant, over a year of regular carry for the grey/orange one and the finish is still pretty intact.


Branded tailcap.


the hole in the tailcap fits the included lanyard or a metal splitring, my preferred choice to put a custom 550 paracord lanyard.


The tailcap has Beryllium-Copper springs with 45% IACS ( International Annealed Copper Standard) which is superior to stainless steel alloys used for springs with only 2% IACS. This means the electrical conductivity is much higher and much better.


The threads are very well square cut throughout the whole body, the action is very smooth and precise, no accidental unscrewing ever happened to me to any flashlight from Hank.

The body tube is fully detatchable and has a hidden USB-C slot, mind it is within the threads protected by an oring, water or dust are unable to enter until it’s screwed to the head, unlike many other manufatcurers whrer the USB slot is covered by a rubber cap, which might lead to water or dust entering the flshlight or to accidental uncover.

The fast USB-C slot had 2 red and 2 green LEDs indicating the charging status, be sure the tailcap is fully screwed down to enable the charging.


The central tube is a generous thickness with the same square cut thread as the tailcap, with one protective oring and a chunky + end button which connects to the head when screwed down.

The internal spring, tube button and head spring are made of the same beryllium copper as the tailcap spring, maximim electrical efficiency is ensured here, the design it very well thought of!


In hand Shots!


Comparison Shots!

Noctigon K9.3
Wenger Army70 SAK 91mm
Efest 5000mah 21700 liion battery


Noctigon K9.3
Victorinox Huntsman camo 91mm
Samsung 50E 5000mah 21700 liion battery

Simple wall beamshot, the spot is so large it’s more of a flooder than a regular spotty flashlight!

The video below shows how the ramping works, from 1 to 100% (on turbo).


This is a freezer test, it should simulate a forgotten light in demanding conditions with cold and water.

The light was put, well screwed and cleaned in room temperature water in the freezer for 36hrs (had to be a 24hrs test).

The light setting was moonlight in white leds mode, full charged and rested battery.

The light came out well, works flawless like nothing happened, as expected.

…and the last picture, THANSK FOR READING!

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Last Words and Conclusions:

Both K9.3 were bought by me personally, the review is honest with positive and negative experiences with the light. I was not paid for the review.

What I like:

  • GREAT quality for the price
  • runs on 21700 and on 18650 on an emergency
  • powerful
  • hefty
  • thick alu
  • dual channel design
  • ramping interface
  • RGB aux lights
  • USB-C charging
  • many extra functions
  • can be updated (on the firmaware side)

What I DON’T like:

  • nothing in particular

Other considerations:

  • a sheath would be good, it’s not really a pocket-friendly light


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