Lumintop LM10 Flashlight Review – Nichia 219C 4000k Neutral White

Last Update 21-02-2021

Lumintop LM10 Flashlight Review, this is Lumintop 10th anniversary celebrating light, they chose a special futuristic design and a Titanium alloy for it, available in various finishes and led options.

I chose the Nichia 219C NW in 4000k and 95CRI


LEDs: 3x Nichia 219C 4000K 95CRI
Optic: Standard TIR optical lens (Carclo 10511 most probably, floody frosted)
Flux: about 2.000lm on turbo and 700/800 on “high”
Intensity: ~10 000cd ANSI throw ~200 m (XP-L Hi)
Firmware: Andúril UI
Battery: One 18650 cell. An unprotected cell is recommended. Max. length 66mm.
Driver: FET+7+1 driver. Low parasitic drain while OFF
Body: Made of titanium alloy – sandblasted
Clip: Come with a stainless steel clip, titanium clip is optional
Switch: Electronic tail switch
Ingress rating: Equivalent to IPX8
Weight: Approximately 98 g without cells
Size: 26 mm Ø head x 98 mm in length x 25mm Ø tube

The UI is the awesome Anduril customizable and multi function UI designed by Toy Keeper, you can set low, high, ramping, or stepped modes.
There are also lockout modes with moon-low, candle and lightning storms accessory modes.
You can even set the temperature limits or know how much juice (volts) is left in your battery.

Other functions are:
Direct moonlight (long press from off)
Moonlight in locked mode (2 levels)
Memory mode (auto-manual)
Muggle mode
Electronic Lockout
Battcheck – Temp Check
Candle mode
Lightning Storm
Party strobe with various levels
Tactical strobe
Bike strobe
Stepped or Ramping mode (can be configured)

It runs on 18650 Li-Ion rechargeables, very easy to find and cheap to operate, I use Sanyo 18650GA’s they are 3.350mah and 10A, the quality is solid and they work well in any climate.

I got the lights some months ago, as soon as it was released, so I have got no box pictures, surely there are plenty around! as I am more user oriented and I’m not as tech-savvy as others, here are some detail and user-oriented pictures.


The LM10 come with a floody frosted optic from Carclo (either a 10511 or 10509, have to find out yet), which for the 720lm (approx) of the high output disperses the light a bit too much, so, I opted for a clear CARCLO 10507 standard TIR with a large spot, the light is therefore more concentrated in a large spot and is more useful for my likings.

This is for mine where I chose with Nichia 219C 4000K cri95 at the time of the order, if I was able to go back I’d opt for the SS20 NW.

The provided optic, though, is perfect for the FW4A and HL3A (Reviews are in the works) which mount SST20 4000K emitters.


3x Nichia 4000K CRI95 emitters, nice cream white output


The LM10 comes with a removable bezel and AR coated glass, well done.


Here you can see the Stock  Carclo TIR 10511/10509 Flood-Wide Beam Optic VS the Carclo 10507 clear I got from Intl-Outdoor


Size Comparison:
Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21
Lumintop LM10 Titanium


Size Comparison:
Lumintop LM10 Titanium
Sanyo 18650GA Battery
Victorinox FieldMaster


Action Shots!

Standard VS 10507 Beamshots


Pure Cream 4000k 95CRi white, just beautiful


Lowest Ramping Mode – Lockout Moonlight


10507 Optic on TURBO

lights up everything in front of you!


Action Shots for all reviews will be added during time, not easy to test everything with coronavirus…check back soon!

Last Words and Conclusions:

The LM10 Titanium was bought from Lumintop Lighting directly
Price is around 129$
There are discount codes, I’ll add them later!

What I like:

  • GREAT Price and quality
  • Titanium
  • runs on 18650 rechargeables
  • powerful
  • rich Anduril UI

What I DON’T like:

  • gets hot pretty quick on Turbo, on High mode it’s OK
  • Brass version runs cooler
  • clip is cheap, very thin steel
  • TI clip ix extra and expensive
  • no diffuser included

Other considerations:

  • hope a quad led comes out one day

the light was bought with my own money, i was not paid for the review

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Check back soon for more!

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